The best thing to happen to pizza since pepperoni.

A cost effective pizza delivery management service to bring insight into your business.

NEW Free and Premium version features:

Know exactly where your drivers are right now

The map shows where your drivers are and what delivery is underway. Their location is updated automatically and can be shared on your own website.



Minimize store time by having the next order ready

Know when your drivers will return. Your staff can begin preparing the next order knowing which driver will be available next, and when they will arrive at the restaurant.



See all your delivery action on the map in real time

Optionally add or connect to a large display in your restaurant to watch the action. At a glance for your staff and entertaining for your customers.




ZAgistics mobile

A mobile application for your driver's smartphone. The app enables your delivery staff to let you know when they are making deliveries or when they are headed back to the restaurant. When the driver indicates they are returning to the restaurant, we calculate the approximate time of their return so you can have their next order ready to go! One application for both Free and Premium Versions.

Patent Pending


ZAgistics console

An operations center for your restaurant staff. Filter data by using our data and driver filters. This is helpful to visualize business results over a given timeframe.

Set the console to automatically update drive locations and statistics. The data is there for you at a glance. Available in Free and Premium Versions.

Patent Pending

Premium version: Track actual driver on-the-road performance with simple charts

View the performance of your drivers. See delivery totals and compare to driver logs and totals. Analyize trends and optimize staffing levels. 


Free & Premium versions: Catch reckless drivers for safety and liability before it's an issue

Using our SpeedPath™ technology, you can see your driver's activity during deliveries. Speed and time information is intuitively displayed for you to inspect at a glance.



Watch the demo video below of ZAgistics in action:

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