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Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I get started using the Free version of ZAgistics?

Use the Contact us form, email us at info@zagistics.com or call us to get started. We just need to create a restaurant account for each location you want to include in the service.


How do I upgrade to the Premium version of ZAgistics?

Use the Contact us form, email us at info@zagistics.com or call us to upgrade. You can upgrade some or all of your locations depending on your needs.


What does 10 active driver accounts mean on the Free version of ZAgistics?

You can have as many as 10 different drivers actively delivering on any given day. Over the course of a week/month/year you may have numerous different drivers delivering for you but as long as you do not exceed 10 different drivers in a day you are able to use the free account. The premium account allows for unlimited driver accounts.


I operate 5 locations using the Free version of ZAgistics; can I use a corporate account?

Yes, the corporate account is one login account that simplifies the management of your locations. You can use a location selector to isolate a single restaurant or view all of them at once. The corporate account is $99/year regardless of how many locations you manage.


How simple is using ZAgistics?

Your drivers notify the restaurant of their status by indicating it on the mobile application (either out on delivery or returning to the restaurant), with just the tap of a button when the car is not moving. Your restaurant staff can use the console to easily view the status of your drivers. You can call up the console on any Internet-connected device to check in on your restaurant anywhere, at any time.


How much data does this application use?

A data plan is required for the application to work. You can expect to use between 1-50 MB of data per month depending on application use and delivery frequency: it all depends on how many delivery shifts each month your drivers work. Use of the map will increase the amount of data used so we suggest that you use the map mode only when needed.


What if my drivers don't have a smartphone?

A smartphone with a data plan is required to enable the delivery monitoring and reporting functions of ZAgistics. Ideally every driver will have a smartphone to use during their deliveries. However, you can still derive great benefits even if only some of your drivers have a smartphone.


What extra equipment do I need to buy?

None. As long as your delivery staff already own a smartphone and your restaurant has a computer or tablet with an Internet connection you don't need anything else to use this service. For safety and efficiency we recommend each driver use a phone mount ($20) and a power adapter for the phone ($10). Restaurant staff and managers can check the status of drivers from either a smartphone or conveniently-located tablet/laptop/computer. It is recommended that you dedicate a display so your staff can easily see the delivery action at a glance. Optionally a basic TV connected to a laptop for about ~$500 if your location does not already have one. We do not recommend using the POS terminal to view the console, as these can be slow and cumbersome.


Do I need to change my point-of-sale system or any other systems?

ZAgistics is designed as an independent, stand-alone service. You do not have to modify any of your current business processes to add ZAgistics to your workflow. Drivers can continue to use your existing methods to check in & out of the restaurant and use ZAgistics while out on the road. Data from ZAgistics can be used to sanity check and validate data from your existing systems.


How do I integrate with my point-of-sale system?

ZAgistics is complementary to any POS system. No integration is necessary.  ZAgistics is designed as an independent, stand-alone service. Currently we do not integrate with POS systems due to their closed-box environment. We continually evaluate POS integration opportunities so please contact us if you have questions about your current POS system.


Is my data private?

We will never sell or share your data with any other company or customer. If you leave the program, your data will be archived for a period of 1 year. Should you return to the program within that year, all data will be restored to your account. After 1 year we delete all of your data. While you are a part of the program, we keep your data safe and accessible to you.


Are the drivers tracked when they are not at work?

No, as long as the drivers are not logged into the application during non-work hours. Drivers should ensure that they log out of the application at the end of their work shifts.


What data is being collected?

The application collects only GPS (position, time, accuracy, speed), IP address, and user submitted data from the phone.


Which smartphones do you support?

ZAgistics will run on iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5c and 5s phones running iOS versions 6.1+. The application can be downloaded from the iTunes Store.

ZAgistics will run on Android devices running versions 4+. The application can be downloaded at the Google Play Store.

You must allow location services (GPS) when installing.


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